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This is the first update I’m making since opening my/our new website! How exciting :) I’ve been enjoying the quiet times lately. Of course making this website took some time, but it’s been so refreshing to just watch TV whenever I want, clean our place, decorate our place with Christmas stuff etc. Somehow it feels like I should be doing something else, but then I remember I don’t have any client photos to edit. Weird!  I’ll be editing my personal photos next week. I’m thinking about doing some wedding related posts too. So stay tuned for those.

Miia and Janne got married in October and their wedding was our last wedding this year. Bittersweet.  I loved all the beautiful colors outside and and the lovely atmosphere throughout the day. With this wedding we returned to Leppävaara Church and Restaurant Keilaranta. The church looked completely different with the autumn setting outside. I’ve learned this year that I really love the gray days. I don’t know what it is about them. I love sunshine too, but during summer the light is often too harsh for my taste.

Miia and Janne had a lovely ceremony and after that we drove to Keilaranta and dedicated some time for a lot of portraits. I’m really pleased with the results, they are a stunning couple!

The evening continued with relaxed partying, delicious food and speeches. We stayed to take photos of their first dance and left the party after that. It was weird knowing we wouldn’t be going to weddings in a long time. But we had a great time, so thanks Miia and Janne!

Ravintola KeilarantaRavintola Keilaranta


  • 28/11/2010, 22:46  Reply

    Gorgeous wedding and beautiful work Johanna! The wedding looks like it was so much fun!

  • 29/11/2010, 01:00  Reply

    A cheese-cake- cake? I love that! And her dress, and her hair, and her adorable dimples…love those too. Great series.

  • 29/11/2010, 03:13  Reply

    I love how happy and animated they are in every photo. You can see the love radiating off of them! :) Beautiful work!

  • 29/11/2010, 06:58  Reply

    Beautiful beautiful! I love the details and the variety, and all the fun little moments at the reception!

  • 29/11/2010, 07:10  Reply

    Excellent journalistic coverage of this wedding. I love the angles and colors. Well done.

  • 29/11/2010, 08:17  Reply

    So many great emotions that you captured during the ceremony! Nice work!

  • 29/11/2010, 13:47  Reply

    Awww they looked so happy together you can’t help but smile :)

  • 29/11/2010, 15:02  Reply

    They are such a beautiful couple – they look so happy! :-)

  • 29/11/2010, 18:05  Reply

    You did such a wonderful job of capturing the day from start to finish. The wide angle shot outside from the low viewpoint is awesome, as are some of the cake shots and of course the lovely couple..well done!

  • 29/11/2010, 19:50  Reply

    Wow, what a wedding! The bride’s hair is very cool, and the venue is stunning, and the food! Wow! Great storytelling, you’ve captured their day perfectly. The bridal portraits are stunning too!

  • 29/11/2010, 19:52  Reply

    What a wonderful mix of emotion, detail and candid photos. Your work is lovely.

  • 29/11/2010, 19:55  Reply

    Gorgeous work Johanna! The shots of them after the ceremony and before the reception are especially nice. Hard to pick a favorite!

  • 29/11/2010, 20:34  Reply

    Beautiful set. Everything is captured so well – portraits, details and the whole mood. Great job

  • 30/11/2010, 13:59  Reply

    What a sweet couple! You can see how much in love they are!

  • Natalie
    30/11/2010, 22:51  Reply

    Yo! You are such an excellent photographer! You’re hard work has paid of through and through! I wish you the best of luck with everything!!! If had another wedding I would pay you to come take my pictures! <3

  • 02/12/2010, 05:33  Reply

    I adore her smile! These photographs are just so easy and free flowing… I love your style and your post work. Well done!

  • 02/12/2010, 16:01  Reply

    My goodness, are they stunning or what? I love the “oh, we’re shy now” shot right after the kiss. The outdoor photos are stunning. Great work!

  • 09/12/2010, 12:25  Reply

    Thank you all for your lovely comments! :)

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