“Valitsimme Johannan dokumentoimaan häämme syyskuussa ja emme voisi olla tyytyväisempiä valintaamme! Johannalla on persoonallinen tyyli ja kuvista välittyy aidosti hääpäivän tunnelma. Johanna on onnistunut ikuistamaan kuvaan juuri kaikki parhaat hetket ja yksityiskohdat. Kuvista välittyy voimakkaasti tunteet ja kuvia katsellessa todellakin pääsee takaisin ikimuistoisen päivän tunnelmiin. Vielä kerran iso kiitos Johannalle ihanista kuvista!”


If you hear Theme from Game of Thrones at a wedding, can you just say that it was the best wedding ever? I mean, GAME OF THRONES! That one thing almost literally everyone was raving about and I was like… hmm… maybe I should watch it but I’m not really into violence… Not knowing there’s FANTASY involved. C’mon! So, when I got sick with a very persistent flu back in August, I watched alllllll the seasons in a row and was thinking that I really missed out on all that hype earlier. But then the sad reality hit me… that I’d have to wait for the final season possibly for almost 2 years! And at that point my heart cried many tears. Le sigh.

But now that I’ve heard this awesome thing at a wedding, I would like to make it known that if you for some reason are a huge Star Wars or Game of Thrones fan and will be including anything from those two universes in your wedding; LET ME BE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER! This list could go on and on but basically if there’s anything game related or nerdy or anything like that, I’m your perfect candidate for a wedding photographer. So let me make this blog post a little bit Google friendly now – you can just skip to the next section. NERDY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER. STAR WARS WEDDING. GAME OF THRONES WEDDING. *Fingers crossed*

This wedding among other rainy weddings is a proof that even though you have to ditch your plans for portraits, you can still make indoor portraits super awesome. And if and when it stops raining, just take a little break from all the partying and let me do my thang later! ;) And I mean, there is something about rainy wedding days. Feels like everyone is kind of closer… focusing on things that matter in the end like people, having fun and making your wedding day as awesome as possible.

So, now that my dear website finally let me upload this photo extravaganza (hey, I blog way too many images but I just don’t care anymore – I’mma do what I want!), go ahead and see some of my favorite moments and photos from this awesome rainy autumn wedding that took place last September at Kulosaaren Casino.

Bride’s dress: Victoria & Vincent (Glamour Lahti)
Groom’s suit: Tiger of Sweden
Bride’s hair : Qhair
Makeup by one of maid of honors
Rings: Kultasepänliike Montin
Flowers: Helmivillakko
Print products: Makea Design
First portrait location: Talvipuutarha



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