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I’ve been feeling more or less bad for a couple of years. I’ve been making my way through life in a thick fog, sometimes not knowing if I’m awake or dreaming. Only another person suffering of hypothyroidism can know what you have to go through when life comes and punches the air out of you. It’s something that you only realize yourself after you have gone out of it and are feeling better. Even though I haven’t had the energy to make all my personal projects into reality, photography has carried me through a lot of bad stuff. Even when I’ve felt like staying in bed for the rest of my life, when the day of shooting arrived, I came alive. And even though all these things made me sometimes doubt myself and my skills, I’ve realized that last year especially taught me a lot about where I’m heading. It showed me the path I want to follow. I believe that everything happens for a reason; every person, every experience and every moment has its meaning. And when you’re forced to trust your basic instincts when you’re creating something, it forces you to create something that is truly you.

Today I started to go through all the images I haven’t yet archived away. My intention was to find photos I took of the many women I have photographed, because it’s Women’s Day after all. Although the day itself is something I have mixed feelings about – like ONE day is enough for us awesome women – I want to create an ode for women with this post of mine. To all of you who were led to be photographed by me. Meeting all of you have taken me on many adventures. I’ve learned so much about you and about myself. Each and everyone has made an impact on me and I’ve taken something of you to carry with me on my journey. You have made me stronger. It’s true after all, that a woman is always a woman to a woman (oh joy, I’m becoming somewhat of a philosophic here!). Together we are strong.

But so that this post doesn’t come after the day is already over, I’ll stop with my wisdom now. Wonderful Women’s Day to you ❤

// Johanna


Cosmic Gate ft. Emma Hewitt – Going Home

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