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It’s one of those many times when I don’t know where to start. So I guess I’m starting by saying that every single day that goes by, my belief that every wedding and every person who surrounds me on these special days are there for a reason.

The week leading to the wedding of Annamari & Asko was… well, eventful. On Monday I fell and hurt my leg while I was spending time with my colleagues in the forests of Kirkkonummi. I still have a bruise on my leg to remind me of it. On Wednesday everything kind of fell apart and it led me REALLY thinking if there’s sense in owning a (wedding) photography business because it felt like all the pain isn’t worth it. When I woke up on Thursday I felt hopeful and better… until I dug my suitcase to start packing and all I could smell was cat pee all over it. I didn’t know whether to cry (once again) or laugh, so I decided to laugh! ;) Luckily I found a cheap and bright new suitcase and managed to avoid bankruptcy. Then I noticed that my jeans have a hole in them. So at the time it felt like my getaway trip to Lohtaja via Kokkola came in perfect time and by the time I was flying in the sky listening to my favorite music, I was smiling.

I got to spend an awesome weekend in Jukkolanmäki, where Ansku grew up. Their wedding took place in the barn attic and cellar, two lovely spaces. Their wedding was organized with a help from the family and it was awesome to be right in the middle of all the preparations. It warms my heart whenever I’m invited to be a part of everything ♥ And when I was missing our two cats, I got some much needed cat therapy in the form of Pekka & Pablo (scroll down to the end of this post to see these two wonderful gentlemen!).

When Saturday arrived, I was mentally screaming because I totally loved the two piece Atelje Tuhkimotarina dress Ansku was wearing and don’t even let me get started on the SHOES. I know, I know; I shouldn’t have favorites but C’MON – PINK MINNA PARIKKA BUNNY SHOES! Throughout the day I was feeling somebody saying in my head that this is where you belong. This is what you’re meant to do. Wonderful human beings (it’s ALWAYS about the people), lovely locations and at the end of the day I saw northern lights in the horizon. If all these things combined isn’t a sign of the universe telling that Johanna, this is SO YOUR THING then I sure don’t know what is. When at the end of the day, instead of going to sleep, you decide to borrow a tripod and put warm clothes on just so you can spend a few hours catching stars and northern lights doesn’t mean that I’m in the right business then nothing will. If I was smiling a lot on Friday, my smile was huge on my way back home on Sunday, flying above the clouds in an endless sunshine. :)

But before I start telling you a dull and tiresome story on how I’m the living proof in “How faith moves mountains and how you’ll get through anything when you’re using positive thinking”, I’m going to teleport you to this lovely October weekend in Lohtaja. ♥ Thank you SO MUCH for your hospitality!

P.S. If you want to see more, head out to Annamari’s Yummybaker -blog and while you’re there, browse through all the yummy recipes in there. Annamari made the yummy cakes for their wedding and just thinking about them might have put extra weight on me just now, haha :P~ ;)

Music: Mike Oldfield – Ascension

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    Kiitos Johanna.

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