Once upon a time there was a tired wedding photographer who needed a break from real life. So she booked flights to Halifax, Canada. At this point basically everyone were like “of all places possible in Canada, why on Earth are you going to Halifax?! There’s not even mountains there!”. But like all my recent travels, it had to do with the people I wanted to meet. I chose my location based on games… and the people I met through them. I went to England to meet a friend and so I did this time too. Star Wars really does bring people together, that’s for sure! And while I was planning my trip, I wanted to meet other random people too. So after a bit of googling I found Chelle and Adam. When I read their “About” page, I knew it was a match made in heaven!

Funnily enough this trip really came to be all about the people. A few days after arriving I got sick and was forced to stay more or less inside, so I didn’t really have that much opportunities to explore the beautiful city. Luckily I was feeling a bit better towards the end of my stay so Chelle and Adam picked me up from my Airbnb place and we went on a little adventure of our own. I sat on the backseat of their car and they took me around Halifax. I enjoyed getting to know the city a bit better – guess I’m just the kind of a person who is made happy really easily! Haha. After a tour around the city, we drove to Duncan’s Cove for a little adventure.  Although my friend was a bit worried about me and the possibility of Chelle and Adam being serial killers, everything went well and I’m still alive and kicking! ;) We really connected (and had similar Fjällräven backpacks too with Chelle!) and I cannot wait to meet them again during my next adventure. I was so sad about not being able to REALLY explore and adventure, so I booked flights for May and so this lovely Finnish invasion will continue then!

So, if you know someone in Halifax area who is looking forward on meeting this random Finnish photographer lady, I’m looking for people to photograph for my personal project (which means you will get free photos and I’ll get to use them for my portfolio). Shoot me a message at info [at] or through contact form ❤

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