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It’s been very cold this spring and based on my Facebook news feed, people aren’t very happy about it. It has made me avoid Facebook a lot these past few weeks since I’m trying my hardest to avoid unnecessary negativity. After going to a lecture by Paula Heinonen earlier this year, one thing really stuck with me and that’s trying to think positively no matter what. So lately my favorite phrase has been “I wonder what good will come out of this?” You should try it – it really works! Even though I haven’t let the cold weather with hails and snow let me down, this phrase is something all of you out there struggling with annoying weather should try ;) Living in Finland means that sometimes midsummer is colder than Christmas, it snows in May and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Weather is what it is, whether you to stress about it or not!

Weather was almost like one of the guests in this wedding. It came with this gift of awesome atmosphere, making the whole wedding unbelievably beautiful. Courtyard was filled with happy people, celebrating at the lovely summer cottage by the sea. Alex & Kerry had already gotten married earlier, but their little ceremony was an awesome touch to their day. It was one of the prettiest of the summer. Sure, the ground was a bit wet and muddy and it was a bit chilly at times, but did it stop people from having a good time? No – delicious food, gas heaters, hugs and laughter kept all of them warm and umbrellas kept rain away from them. And when the evening arrived, rain was just a distant memory.

It’s a bit sad that outdoor weddings aren’t that popular in Finland as we might be too afraid of the rain and bad weather. I enjoy photographing outdoor weddings so, so much and I hope that by seeing how rain can’t possibly ruin your wedding day, people will start giving outdoor weddings a chance. ❤ I’m such a nature addict and even now I’m sitting outside on the terrace at the cottage, writing this post. The cats are trying to catch butterflies and birds, cold wind is blowing on my face at times and I wouldn’t even mind if it started raining. Being close to nature is so awesome, come rain or sunshine.


// Johanna

Susanne Sundfør – Slowly


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