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Our website is FINALLY working (I need to knock some wood now…) so that it doesn’t take hours and hours to upload and arrange photos. So while Lightroom is importing and exporting images, I’m preparing blog posts. Now it’s time for this awesome winter wedding.

If you don’t know this by now – I LOVE winter weddings. You can’t quite get a similar warmth with summer, autumn or spring weddings. No, it’s special. Although a part of me hates the long and dark winter months here in Finland, photographing winter weddings makes it so much more bearable. <3 After a really cold period with freeeezing temperatures, this day shaped up to be milder. And even though Helsinki was under a thick blanket of clouds, sun broke through them occasionally. During the night it started snowing and made some portrait ideas reality. Like I wrote when I did the preview post, something about these two made my heart melt. This day was full of awesome speeches, awesome people who came together in a relaxed event and partied hard until it was time to go home. That is a winning combination.

Thanks to Nani for borrowing me her Nikon D800 for this wedding! My back was thanking me on Sunday <3 Shortly after we decided to lighten our gear by switching from D3S’s to D750’s and it has made a huuuuge difference. If you don’t know anything about cameras, D3s bodies are HUGE compared to D800 and D750 is even smaller. I still walk like a good ol’ grandma after wedding days but maybe like a ten or twenty years younger version. ;) And my wrists aren’t hurting for days!

But now, enough with the words and on with the photos. I think this might be the first time when I picked the images I wanted without thinking about if there’s too few or too many and what I’m supposed to blog. Sometimes it takes years to give yourself freedom to do what you want. <3 Apparently I was also quite hungry when I picked these photos as there’s so many shots of food. But man, it was delicious!

// Johanna

Music: Alan Walker vs Coldplay – Hymn For The Weekend [Remix]

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DRESS: Pronovias
HAIR: Helsinki Hairdressers
VENUE: Ravintola Uunisaari
CHURCH: Lähetyskirkko
BAND: Icon

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