Her shoes are from the 1940’s and her dress from the 1950’s. His suit is from the 1960’s.
Together they looked like a refreshing blast from the past and we loved everything
about these two and this session.

I’m watching Beyoncé’s Lemonade right now and can’t help but feel utterly inspired by the level of artistry and moved by the story she’s telling through images & music. Every artist (no matter what field they are working in) craves to be original and fresh. Nobody wants to do something that’s been done before and that is one thing I’ve been struggling with wedding photography business. From following tons and tons of photographers, I’ve moved away to follow more artists in other fields. Every one of us is inspired by what they see and when photographers follow photographers, everyone’s work is starting to look the same. It’s been said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” (Charles Caleb Colton) but if you are constantly doing something someone else is doing, you will never be best at what you’re doing. You’re being a version of someone else, not yourself. It’s possibly impossible to be original nowadays when everything has been done a million times, but as long as you’re being you, you’re being original.

Finding your voice doesn’t always come easily. As artists we are constantly doubting ourselves as we’re growing. We’ve been photographing weddings for about 8 years now, 6 years professionally. Does it get easier, will growing pains stop? Sadly and luckily, no. It doesn’t change because we’re growing every day, finding more things that speak to us, changes us. There are days when I think I suck so bad that I want to just give up. There are days when I’m so proud of myself that I could just cry. Life is shaping us every day and I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to see the photos I’ll take next summer, next decade and so on.

Every photographer needs clients who lets us try new weird ideas and be creative. That’s why, when asked what is the most important thing when choosing a photographer, I tell that you need to LOVE what they do and TRUST them to do the best job they can. If you can’t check those two boxes, it’s better to close the door and move on.

// Johanna

P.S. A few of these photos are taken by Jouni, who I grabbed with me to shoot this session :) I wonder if you can guess which ones are his?

Vintage Wedding 0001Vintage Wedding 0002Vintage Wedding 0003Vintage Wedding 0004Vintage Wedding 0005Vintage Wedding 0006Vintage Wedding 0007Vintage Wedding 0008Vintage Wedding 0009Vintage Wedding 0010Vintage Wedding 0011Vintage Wedding 0012Vintage Wedding 0013Vintage Wedding 0014Vintage Wedding 0015Vintage Wedding 0016Vintage Wedding 0017Vintage Wedding 0018Vintage Wedding 0019Vintage Wedding 0020


  • 26/04/2016, 16:49  Reply

    Nämä on aivan mahtavia! Erityisesti sumea kuva, jossa seistään tuolilla. Huh. <3

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