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Preview | Tiia & Jaakko | Hääkuvaus Helsinki

  29.05.2012   Weddings   2 Comments

The first wedding of the summer. I smiled. I still smile. I love this couple! And may I just add that yes, she had POCKETS in her dress. That’s how

Hääpuvut | Pukuni | Ninka | Tutta Tomberg | Valokuvaaja Turku | Mallikuvaus

Hyvät morsiamet – ihana Agnetha tekee opinnäytetyötä häiden visuaalisesta ilmeestä ja häätrendeistä. Jos olet mennyt naimisiin 2007 tai sen jälkeen, käy ihmeessä vastaamassa kyselyyn! — When I look outside, I

Wedding | Noora & Marius | Wedding Photographer Finland | South Africa

  11.04.2012   Weddings   12 Comments

Two citizens of the world got married last December in Finland. They wished for snow but Finland wouldn’t agree (Finland, you’ve been acting strangely lately… Please, stop and be nice!

Wedding | Katariina & Marko | Suomenlinna | Tenalji Von Fersen

  18.03.2012   Weddings   20 Comments

Before I even started selecting these photos, I already knew this post would be huge. The first time we met Katariina & Marko, I immediately knew that shooting their engagement

Wedding | Hanna & Petri | Tuomarinkylän Ravintola | Helsinki

  13.03.2012   Weddings   16 Comments

Winter weddings. Magical. This was probably the first day in the metropolitan area of Finland when we had snow more than a millimeter. Hanna & Petri had the loveliest wedding, small and

What’s happening right now | Pretty Chic Blog + Dress Shoot part 2

We’re super excited about this one: Agnetha & Jussi’s wedding is featured on Pretty Chic Blog today! Elizabeth contacted me a few months back and this is the result –

Häät | Wedding | Sini & Ari-Pekka | Villa Haikko

  18.02.2012   Weddings   15 Comments

Some weddings are carved deep in my heart forever. This is one of those weddings. My heart grows as it takes in every single moment, love, person, look, touch, smile,

Preview // Riikka & Lari

  22.01.2012   Weddings   20 Comments

It’s still amazing how Helsinki can be in such a chaos when it snows. But in the middle of the chaos there was a couple who didn’t mind it at

After Häämessut 2012 // Wanha Satama

Last weekend exceeded my wildest expectations, we had so much fun at Häämessut 2012. My feet were tired but it was so fun to meet new people! 7 hrs went

Häämessut 2012 // Kilpailu

Nyt kannattaa tulla Häämessuille Wanhaan Satamaan ja osallistua loistavaan kilpailuun! :) Meidät löydät suunnistamalla osastolle 208F.

Tuomarinkylän ravintola // Preview

  8.01.2012   Weddings   21 Comments

What makes me happy today: SNOW! Yesterday was magically wonderful. Maybe it’s the contrast of the snow and two people in love. Something so cold and something so warm. I

Häämessut 2012

We’ll be at the Häämessut bridal fair at Wanha Satama, Helsinki during 14.-15.1.2012. Come and see us there! We love meeting new people! :)

Hääkuvaaja Espoo // In the Year 2011

I want to thank all my clients. KIITOS. I love documenting life, and for you to invite us to be part of your life feels humbling. This year I’ve met

Temppeliaukio Church // Preview

  28.12.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

Yesterday we wrapped up 2011. Last wedding of the year. Right now I know two things: 2011 has been amazing. And my best of 2011 post will be HUMONGOUS! But for

Albergan Kartano // Häät Leppävaarassa

  22.12.2011   Weddings   15 Comments

First; WE HAVE SNOW! Second; it’s almost Christmas! I’m a happy camper :) Yesterday we took a walk in the winter wonderland and took photos for two hours. Tomorrow we’ll

Häät Kulosaaren Casinolla // Johanneksenkirkko

  17.12.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

I can see something white on the ground. Not snow, but sleet. We have hope, it seems. :) Time to blog another wedding. After that it’s time to decorate this

Espoon Kartano // Häävalokuvaus Espoo

  16.12.2011   Weddings   13 Comments

This weekend will be full of blog posts! I made an early New Year’s promise to myself; I will be more active blogger from now on :) I can’t grasp

Wedding photographer Finland

  10.12.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

I’ve killed my editing queue! This means I have time to blog more – YAY! Next wedding is on the 27th. Fingers crossed for some snow! :) Before blogging some

Preview // Elina & Olli

  16.11.2011   Weddings   10 Comments

Second to last wedding of the year. It’s been one crazy good year.

Sannäsin Kartano // Hääkuvaaja Porvoo

  27.10.2011   Weddings   19 Comments

You just have to spend a second with them and you know they’re in love. There are people who get under your skin. People who touch you. I laughed. I

Hääkuvaus Turku // Bridal Preview

Yesterday we traveled to the European Capital of Culture 2011, Turku. Dresses are by Saara Toivanen/Pukuni (see her blog here), hair + make-up + accessories by Nina Röntynen/Ninka.fi (blog here) and our beautiful

What I’ve been up to lately // Preview

It’s been a busy week filled with beautiful moments and awesome people. Here are a few frames from last Sunday (contest winners‘ family shoot), yesterday (Maria & Jouni’s wedding at

Ruutikellari // Häät Suomenlinnassa

  13.10.2011   Weddings   11 Comments

Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You’re the only one that I want Think I’m addicted to your light Beyonce – Halo I will

Tenalji Von Fersen Wedding // Preview

  9.10.2011   Weddings   20 Comments

… And that’s why I love weddings. :)