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  15.02.2018   Weddings   No comments

Oh hi there, blog. I’ve neglected you for a long time, but I’m back now. And oh boy, it feels good to be blogging again. I’m listening to music with


  8.02.2017   Weddings   1 Comment

It’s one of those many times when I don’t know where to start. So I guess I’m starting by saying that every single day that goes by, my belief that


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First of all I’d like to warn you; this post is a LONG ONE. When a day is as diverse as this one was, it’s completely impossible to tell the


  12.01.2017   Weddings   No comments

2016. The year known as the weirdest year for many of us. The year that took Professor Snape, Princess Leia and so many more from us. What more can it


  16.11.2015   Weddings   1 Comment

One thing that becomes clearer and clearer every year is that it’s always about the people. Whether you get married in an alley, on a mountaintop, in a church or


  25.10.2015   Weddings   No comments

Let’s fight the greyness of today’s weather with some wedding goodness. A small intimate wedding was held in Hotel Onni in Porvoo. These guys weren’t afraid to cry the tears


  27.09.2015   Weddings   No comments

Reetta & Jani are the cutest. They had a warmhearted DIY winter wedding in Kotka and luckily there was snow to top it all off. When a wedding is made with


  8.03.2015   Weddings   No comments

While Johanna was in Germany I had my very first full day wedding to shoot by myself. The idea of shooting on my own wasn’t such a scary thought, but

2014 Review // Wedding Favorites

  1.01.2015   Weddings   No comments

It was a year of growth, loss, success, mistakes and right decisions. It was a year of dreams coming true. 2014 was another “best year ever”. Thank you for being

Hääkuvaus Helsinki // Wedding Photographer

  21.01.2014   Weddings   13 Comments

Hääkuvaus Helsinki // A wedding in Helsinki by international wedding photographer Johanna Hietanen Photography One of the things that make our hearts flutter is couples who contact us before even knowing

Hääkuvaus // Kärkölä

  25.11.2013   Weddings   10 Comments

Weddings should be about you. Your wedding should be full of things you love. People you love. Things that you find beautiful. Things that will forever remind you of your

Katrina & Alain // Kihlakuvaus Helsinki

  23.09.2012   Engagements   9 Comments

On a day we purchased tickets to Canada Photo Convention happening in Vancouver, we photographed a couple from Vancouver. Katrina contacted me earlier this year because she a) loved our

Wedding | Tiia & Jaakko | Hääkuvaus Helsinki | Merimelojien Maja

  23.09.2012   Weddings   7 Comments

Hello blog. I’ve neglected you lately. Here I am, once again, waiting for photos to export from Lightroom in the middle of the night. I decided to pick up my

Kihlakuvaus Nuuksio // Preview // Jessica & Lars

  2.08.2012   Engagements   7 Comments

Nuuksio on aina ollut lähellä sydäntämme. Siksi tämä ihana kihlakuvaus, joka kohdatti meidät sinne, oli aivan täydellinen. I want to thank Jessica’s friend, who had attended a wedding in Finland,

Engagement | Mari & Sasha | Kihlakuvaus Espoo

  24.07.2012   Engagements   15 Comments

I see everything through a lens. When I see something new, I always think of a photo I would take of it. Even when I don’t have my camera with

BIG Preview | Mari & Sasha | Hääkuvaus Lappeenranta | Ruokolahti | Imatra

  5.06.2012   Weddings   18 Comments

One of those times when you feel like you’ve met a mirror image of yourself. A day full of so much awesomeness that my heart felt like exploding. Cats –

Preview // Riikka & Lari

  22.01.2012   Weddings   20 Comments

It’s still amazing how Helsinki can be in such a chaos when it snows. But in the middle of the chaos there was a couple who didn’t mind it at

Hääkuvaaja Espoo // In the Year 2011

I want to thank all my clients. KIITOS. I love documenting life, and for you to invite us to be part of your life feels humbling. This year I’ve met

Albergan Kartano // Häät Leppävaarassa

  22.12.2011   Weddings   15 Comments

First; WE HAVE SNOW! Second; it’s almost Christmas! I’m a happy camper :) Yesterday we took a walk in the winter wonderland and took photos for two hours. Tomorrow we’ll