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Snow and paws // Kihlakuvaus // Helsinki

  22.11.2013   Engagements   2 Comments

I miss snow. So very, very much. Weather is something you can’t control, so there’s really no point complaining about it. But one thing that can be controlled is the

Kihlakuvaus Ylläksellä // Engagement // Viivi + Tuomas

Tämä kihlakuvaus Ylläksellä on täydellinen esimerkki siitä, kuinka jokin voi olla täydellistä, vaikka kaikki ei sujuisikaan käsikirjoitusten mukaan. Satoi lunta. Paljon. Pystysuunnassa, vaakasuunnassa. Lunta tuli niin paljon, ettei välillä nähnyt montakaan

Hääkuvaus Tampere // Helluntaiseurakunta // Rustholli

  31.10.2013   Weddings   10 Comments

Hääkuvaus Tampere // Heli-Maarian + Joonan tunnelmalliset häät Tampereen Helluntaiseurakunnassa ja Ravintola Rusthollissa In the morning I sat in the car Heli-Maaria was driving. I thought to myself that if

Road Trip // Part I // Finland + Sweden

  31.10.2013   Travel   6 Comments

Our road trip was short but yet so awesome. Oh, where to start. We saw so many things but nothing at all. Jouni drove and drove and the landscapes just

Winter Wedding // Saksalainen kirkko // Ravintola Sipuli

  25.10.2013   Weddings   2 Comments

This elegant, intimate and relaxed winter wedding took place at German church (Saksalainen kirkko) in Helsinki and Ravintola Sipuli. The wedding of Anna & Thomas was special to us, since there’s only

Kihlakuvaus // Muotokuvaus Helsinki

Mitä kihlakuvaus tarkoittaa meille? Olemme aina olleet sitä mieltä, että yksi vahvoista puolistamme hääkuvauksessa on ns. kihlakuvauksen tarjoaminen hääkuvauspaketeissamme. Kihlakuvaus käsitteenä tuntuu olevan asia, joka johtaa aika paljon harhaan, joten

Travel // Destination photographer

Be prepared. On 15.9.2013 we start our epic journey through Finland, and northern part of Sweden and Norway. It has always been our dream to drive all the way to

Personal // Joulu Ylläksellä

  1.04.2013   Personal   5 Comments

On aikamoinen sunnuntaiolo. Tällaisina pitkinä viikonloppuina viikonpäivät menevät sekaisin arkipyhien myötä ihan toden teolla. Meidän piti bloggailla nämä Ylläksellä viime jouluna otetut kuvat jo viime viikolla, mutta tajusin vasta tänään,

Wedding | Emmi & Tapani | Vähä-Hisson Tila | Hääkuvaus Tampere | Sastamala

  1.10.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

There are weddings and then there are weddings. If someone decided that weddings should be all the same, I wish weddings would be like Emmi & Tapani’s wedding. For some reason,

Katrina & Alain // Kihlakuvaus Helsinki

  23.09.2012   Engagements   9 Comments

On a day we purchased tickets to Canada Photo Convention happening in Vancouver, we photographed a couple from Vancouver. Katrina contacted me earlier this year because she a) loved our

Wedding | Tiia & Jaakko | Hääkuvaus Helsinki | Merimelojien Maja

  23.09.2012   Weddings   7 Comments

Hello blog. I’ve neglected you lately. Here I am, once again, waiting for photos to export from Lightroom in the middle of the night. I decided to pick up my

Preview | Pirita & Tero | Hääkuvaus Kärkölä

  5.08.2012   Weddings   11 Comments

We had been waiting for yesterday since the moment we met Pirita & Tero at the beginning of the year. It was one of those meetings that just flew by

Engagement | Mari & Sasha | Kihlakuvaus Espoo

  24.07.2012   Engagements   15 Comments

I see everything through a lens. When I see something new, I always think of a photo I would take of it. Even when I don’t have my camera with

Preview | Sandra & Alexander | Hääkuvaus Porvoo

  15.07.2012   Weddings   11 Comments

There’s just something about Porvoo, that I love. Weddings there are always sooo awesome. Yesterday we got the chance to go there once again and photograph Sandra & Alexander. They

Engagement | Emmi & Tapani | Kihlakuvaus Tampere

  4.07.2012   Engagements   20 Comments

What can I say about Emmi & Tapani. First of all, they are awesomely cute together, as you will see. How can you not love a couple who bring their

Personal | Helsinki City Sunset | Valokuvaaja Helsinki

  30.06.2012   Personal   No comments

Preview | Liisa & Chris | Gustavelund | Hääkuvaaja Tuusula

  30.06.2012   Weddings   No comments

We had theeee best time yesterday. Foreign guys seem to steal women from Finland frequently. This one is an Australian & Finnish love story. These are among my favorites from

Engagement | Anni & Riku | Kihlakuvaus | Helsinki

  24.06.2012   Engagements   16 Comments

You don’t always need the sun. When you have the most awesome time with an awesome couple, who were celebrating their one year engagement anniversary, that’s all of the sun

Wedding | Hääkuvaus | Elina & Olli | Hääkuvaaja Espoo

  23.06.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

This past month has been crazy, but as always, in a good way. We’ve photographed so many wonderful people, spent time in different and beautiful places. We’ve been to Tampere,

Preview | Tiia & Jaakko | Hääkuvaus Helsinki

  29.05.2012   Weddings   2 Comments

The first wedding of the summer. I smiled. I still smile. I love this couple! And may I just add that yes, she had POCKETS in her dress. That’s how

Sneak Peek | Sonja & Sami | Kihlakuvaus Helsinki

  28.05.2012   Engagements   12 Comments

I love, love, love couples who are willing to experiment with us. Last week was CRAZY but in a good way. Lots of couples in love. Two HAPPY photographers! A

Kirsikkapuu | Ystävät | Helsinki

  17.05.2012   Personal   No comments

Yesterday we met with Nani and photographed. And talked. A lot. It was sunny before but started raining a while after. Still, it was beautiful. We got wet, but it

Honesty | Häävalokuvaajan Mietteitä

  14.05.2012   Personal   15 Comments

(Wrote on the night before our site was hacked.) For the longest time I’ve been holding myself back. It’s way past midnight and I should be asleep. My alarm goes

Sneak Peek | Anni & Riku | Engagement | Kihlakuvaus | Helsinki

  6.05.2012   Engagements, Portraits   15 Comments

What a week! Whoever hacked my site just made me more of a fighter. I don’t get people who do this just for fun. It was a lot of work