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  27.01.2017   Weddings   No comments

Summer wedding, who doesn’t love summer? This was the year of many solo weddings.   Looking back at the year 2016 when I hurled myself to many solo weddings. While


  11.05.2016   Weddings   No comments

Last summer was a summer of new things. It was the summer we photographed more weddings separately and I admit, it felt so weird at first. For so many years

Hääkuvaaja Helsinki // A + A

  6.02.2014   Weddings   13 Comments

Hääkuvaaja Helsinki // Wedding Photographer Helsinki Growing up with three big brothers, I always wondered what it would feel like to have a sister. Someone close to my age. We

Winter Wedding // Saksalainen kirkko // Ravintola Sipuli

  25.10.2013   Weddings   2 Comments

This elegant, intimate and relaxed winter wedding took place at German church (Saksalainen kirkko) in Helsinki and Ravintola Sipuli. The wedding of Anna & Thomas was special to us, since there’s only

Häät Ravintola Sipuli // Hanna & Jussi

  27.09.2011   Weddings   16 Comments

This week I’ve been learning how to run. Yesterday I went for a walk/run just before 10pm. It was so beautiful out there. Just me, music, darkness and my sneakers.

Ravintola Sipuli Wedding // Preview

  31.07.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

After a (well deserved) weekend off we had a pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple in Helsinki yesterday. You might remember them from the wedding of Saila & Janne. :)