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  24.02.2017   Weddings   No comments

It’s one of those unforgettable weddings where happens so much you think it’s not even real anymore. Not on the same day at least. But.. (Spoiler alert!) ..It was. Not

Kesäkuun kuulumisia // JHP

  26.06.2014   Weddings   9 Comments


  30.11.2013   Travel   No comments

Continuing where we left off last time. We woke up in Tromsø and it was all sunshine. If I could wake up every day and see the view I was seeing

Hotel Kämp Wedding // Tuomiokirkko

  18.11.2013   Weddings   1 Comment

This international wedding took place at Hotel Kämp in Helsinki. Jessica is half Swedish, half Finnish and has lived in Switzerland and UK all of her life. Lars is Danish.

Road Trip // Part II // Norway // Lofoten Islands + Tromsø

  13.11.2013   Travel   2 Comments

Our massive road trip across Scandinavia continues in Lofoten islands and Tromsø, Norway. (If you missed the first part, you can view it here and also on Facebook.) Shortly after leaving the

Vancouver // International Wedding Photographers

  12.09.2013   Travel   21 Comments

What happens when two Finns (who hope to be international wedding photographers) hop on a plane and go to Canada? Lots of awesome things. And LOTS of photos. This was

Kihlakuvaus Nuuksio // Preview // Jessica & Lars

  2.08.2012   Engagements   7 Comments

Nuuksio on aina ollut lähellä sydäntämme. Siksi tämä ihana kihlakuvaus, joka kohdatti meidät sinne, oli aivan täydellinen. I want to thank Jessica’s friend, who had attended a wedding in Finland,

Wedding | Mari & Sasha | Hääkuvaaja Lappeenranta | Ruokolahti | Imatra

  25.07.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

During the 2,5 years in this business, it had never rained this much on a wedding day. Sure, there had been rain, but it had always started when it didn’t

Engagement | Mari & Sasha | Kihlakuvaus Espoo

  24.07.2012   Engagements   15 Comments

I see everything through a lens. When I see something new, I always think of a photo I would take of it. Even when I don’t have my camera with

Preview | Emmi & Tapani | Hääkuvaus Tampere | Sastamala

  18.06.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

Two very special people. A very special day. I love Finnish countryside.

BIG Preview | Mari & Sasha | Hääkuvaus Lappeenranta | Ruokolahti | Imatra

  5.06.2012   Weddings   18 Comments

One of those times when you feel like you’ve met a mirror image of yourself. A day full of so much awesomeness that my heart felt like exploding. Cats –

Temppeliaukio Church // Preview

  28.12.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

Yesterday we wrapped up 2011. Last wedding of the year. Right now I know two things: 2011 has been amazing. And my best of 2011 post will be HUMONGOUS! But for

Preview // Elina & Olli

  16.11.2011   Weddings   10 Comments

Second to last wedding of the year. It’s been one crazy good year.