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  12.04.2018   Weddings   No comments

Today I’m going to let Kesha speak for me. Because today I’m acknowledging that I’m not perfect. I’m full of scars, but today I’m who I am. Today I’m letting go


  12.04.2017   Portraits, Weddings   1 Comment

Porkkala, where our family used to go when I was young and which always took too long to drive on its never ending winding roads. Never thought one day I


  8.04.2017   Weddings   No comments

The smell of fresh coffee and toast, people wearing their casual clothes.. It’s wedding morning in Turku where one gets to witness the everyday life of lovely people. It feels


  27.01.2017   Weddings   No comments

Summer wedding, who doesn’t love summer? This was the year of many solo weddings.   Looking back at the year 2016 when I hurled myself to many solo weddings. While


  19.01.2017   Weddings   No comments

First of all I’d like to warn you; this post is a LONG ONE. When a day is as diverse as this one was, it’s completely impossible to tell the


  13.12.2016   Elopements, Weddings   No comments

Snow. Chilly wind. Foggy. Freezing temperatures. That was what was going on when Kaarina & Kari eloped in Saariselkä, that is located in the Northern part of Finland or as

Villa Kaislikko Wedding // M + L

  5.12.2014   Weddings   11 Comments

Under the hot July sun, two people began their lifelong journey together. I’m having troubles writing anything because it was such a perfect day. We found a new church to

Europe Wedding Photographer // Helsinki Wedding

  6.01.2014   Weddings   4 Comments

We shot this awesome wedding back in 2012 and in the middle of all the craziness that was 2012 and 2013, we thought we had blogged these photos but never

Salmisali // Vanha Kirkko // Wedding

  8.11.2013   Weddings   14 Comments

Perjantaihäät Helsingissä // Vanha Kirkko ja Salmisali I’m spending Friday evening alone while Jouni is at the movies. I’m watching Friends and decided that I want to blog a wedding.

Hääkuvaus Tampere // Helluntaiseurakunta // Rustholli

  31.10.2013   Weddings   10 Comments

Hääkuvaus Tampere // Heli-Maarian + Joonan tunnelmalliset häät Tampereen Helluntaiseurakunnassa ja Ravintola Rusthollissa In the morning I sat in the car Heli-Maaria was driving. I thought to myself that if

Winter Wedding // Saksalainen kirkko // Ravintola Sipuli

  25.10.2013   Weddings   2 Comments

This elegant, intimate and relaxed winter wedding took place at German church (Saksalainen kirkko) in Helsinki and Ravintola Sipuli. The wedding of Anna & Thomas was special to us, since there’s only

Cilla + Wille // Kihlakuvaus Kirkkonummi // Hääkuvaus Suomenlinna

Cilla ja Wille. Nuo ihanan pirteät ulkoilmaihmiset, joilla on hymy herkässä. Maaliskuussa ulkoiltiin Kirkkonummella Kvarnbyn maisemissa, kuvaten kihlakuvia Cillan, Willen ja heidän ihanan koiransa, Rian, kanssa. Toukokuussa jännitettiin onnistuuko vihkiminen

Wedding // Sandra + Alexander // Kiialan Kartano

  19.08.2013   Weddings   4 Comments

Ollaan usein kirjoiteltu siitä, kuinka aika tuntuu menevän niin nopeasti. Menee se vieläkin, mutta vähän on hiljentymistäkin tapahtunut. Yksi kokonainen viikko takana omaa herruutta (vai rouvuutta?) ja onhan se ollut

Anu + Juho // Latohäät Mäntsälässä // Hääkuvaus

  21.07.2013   Weddings   1 Comment

Siitä on jo vuosi, kun Anun ja Juhon häitä juhlistettiin Mäntsälän maalaismaisemissa. Vuosi. Tuo aika, joka tuntui lapsena aivan mahdottoman pitkältä ja nyt niin mahdottoman lyhyeltä. Paljon on muuttunut tämän

Anni + Riku // Wedding Photographers Finland

  18.01.2013   Weddings   18 Comments

I’ve been staring at the screen for an hour, trying to figure out what to write about. I have too many things on my mind, so much I’d like to

Wedding | Emmi & Tapani | Vähä-Hisson Tila | Hääkuvaus Tampere | Sastamala

  1.10.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

There are weddings and then there are weddings. If someone decided that weddings should be all the same, I wish weddings would be like Emmi & Tapani’s wedding. For some reason,

There’s two sides to every story | Wedding photography

  29.08.2012   Weddings   No comments

This is why we’re a team.

Preview | Pirita & Tero | Hääkuvaus Kärkölä

  5.08.2012   Weddings   11 Comments

We had been waiting for yesterday since the moment we met Pirita & Tero at the beginning of the year. It was one of those meetings that just flew by

Preview | Anu & Juho | Hääkuvaaja Mäntsälä

  22.07.2012   Weddings   16 Comments

Weddings in a barn – count us in! Anu & Juho, a preview. Including the mandatory cat photo.

Wedding | Hääkuvaus | Elina & Olli | Hääkuvaaja Espoo

  23.06.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

This past month has been crazy, but as always, in a good way. We’ve photographed so many wonderful people, spent time in different and beautiful places. We’ve been to Tampere,

Preview | Emmi & Tapani | Hääkuvaus Tampere | Sastamala

  18.06.2012   Weddings   13 Comments

Two very special people. A very special day. I love Finnish countryside.

BIG Preview | Mari & Sasha | Hääkuvaus Lappeenranta | Ruokolahti | Imatra

  5.06.2012   Weddings   18 Comments

One of those times when you feel like you’ve met a mirror image of yourself. A day full of so much awesomeness that my heart felt like exploding. Cats –

Preview | Tiia & Jaakko | Hääkuvaus Helsinki

  29.05.2012   Weddings   2 Comments

The first wedding of the summer. I smiled. I still smile. I love this couple! And may I just add that yes, she had POCKETS in her dress. That’s how

Honesty | Häävalokuvaajan Mietteitä

  14.05.2012   Personal   15 Comments

(Wrote on the night before our site was hacked.) For the longest time I’ve been holding myself back. It’s way past midnight and I should be asleep. My alarm goes