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  8.04.2017   Weddings   No comments

The smell of fresh coffee and toast, people wearing their casual clothes.. It’s wedding morning in Turku where one gets to witness the everyday life of lovely people. It feels


  13.12.2016   Elopements, Weddings   No comments

Snow. Chilly wind. Foggy. Freezing temperatures. That was what was going on when Kaarina & Kari eloped in Saariselkä, that is located in the Northern part of Finland or as

Salmisali // Vanha Kirkko // Wedding

  8.11.2013   Weddings   14 Comments

Perjantaihäät Helsingissä // Vanha Kirkko ja Salmisali I’m spending Friday evening alone while Jouni is at the movies. I’m watching Friends and decided that I want to blog a wedding.

There’s two sides to every story | Wedding photography

  29.08.2012   Weddings   No comments

This is why we’re a team.

Wedding | Katariina & Marko | Suomenlinna | Tenalji Von Fersen

  18.03.2012   Weddings   20 Comments

Before I even started selecting these photos, I already knew this post would be huge. The first time we met Katariina & Marko, I immediately knew that shooting their engagement

Wedding | Hanna & Petri | Tuomarinkylän Ravintola | Helsinki

  13.03.2012   Weddings   16 Comments

Winter weddings. Magical. This was probably the first day in the metropolitan area of Finland when we had snow more than a millimeter. Hanna & Petri had the loveliest wedding, small and

Temppeliaukio Church // Preview

  28.12.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

Yesterday we wrapped up 2011. Last wedding of the year. Right now I know two things: 2011 has been amazing. And my best of 2011 post will be HUMONGOUS! But for

Preview // Elina & Olli

  16.11.2011   Weddings   10 Comments

Second to last wedding of the year. It’s been one crazy good year.

Sannäsin Kartano // Hääkuvaaja Porvoo

  27.10.2011   Weddings   19 Comments

You just have to spend a second with them and you know they’re in love. There are people who get under your skin. People who touch you. I laughed. I

Ruutikellari // Häät Suomenlinnassa

  13.10.2011   Weddings   11 Comments

Hit me like a ray of sun Burning through my darkest night You’re the only one that I want Think I’m addicted to your light Beyonce – Halo I will

Tenalji Von Fersen Wedding // Preview

  9.10.2011   Weddings   20 Comments

… And that’s why I love weddings. :)

Häät Villa Haikko // Preview

  2.10.2011   Weddings   13 Comments

“Where there is love, there is beauty that cannot be described, a strength that cannot be broken, a joy that cannot be surpassed.”

Häät Ravintola Sipuli // Hanna & Jussi

  27.09.2011   Weddings   16 Comments

This week I’ve been learning how to run. Yesterday I went for a walk/run just before 10pm. It was so beautiful out there. Just me, music, darkness and my sneakers.

Häät Albergan Kartanossa // Preview

  25.09.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

Hello there, autumn. Leaves on the ground, chilly mornings, mittens. Yesterday when I woke up, it rained heavily. After updating status on Facebook it stopped raining instantly. Rest of the day

Villa Haikko Wedding // Häävalokuvaaja Porvoo

  12.09.2011   Weddings   13 Comments

Milja is from Finland, Willem from the Netherlands. And as the story goes, they fell in love. And I’m glad they did, because this wedding rocked. Dutch people really know

Preview // Katja & Pasi // Hääkuvaus Helsingissä

  11.09.2011   Weddings   16 Comments

This week has been so hectic. I was planning on blogging a full wedding this past week but the hours have run out. It’ll have to wait for tomorrow. Instead,

Preview // Laura & Pasi

  4.09.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

Yesterday was full of cuteness and laughter. And somehow we escaped all the rain clouds around us. They really are cute together, aren’t they? :)

Häävalokuvaaja Rauma // Poselli

  28.08.2011   Weddings   22 Comments

What not to love – awesome couple, beautiful city and gorgeous day from the beginning to the end. Photographing weddings has taken us to wonderful places all around Finland. Rauma

Häät Porvoossa // Preview

  21.08.2011   Weddings   18 Comments

Yesterday was so emotional. I had tears in my eyes throughout the day. So many times that I lost count. Here’s a little glimpse from Vanessa and Johan’s wedding day,

Salmi Sali // Häävalokuvaus Helsinki

  21.08.2011   Weddings   16 Comments

It feels like this wedding was just a moment ago, the first wedding of July. Now it’s raining outside and it smells like Autumn. Time flies by so fast. I’ve

Suomenlinna Wedding // Preview

  15.08.2011   Weddings   13 Comments

It was one of those days that went by too quickly. Here’s a few frames from Saturday. (Check out the full wedding post here) I’ve been taking a tiny blogging

Ravintola Sipuli Wedding // Preview

  31.07.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

After a (well deserved) weekend off we had a pleasure of photographing this beautiful couple in Helsinki yesterday. You might remember them from the wedding of Saila & Janne. :)

Häät Asikkalassa // Ometta

  20.07.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

It was one of those days when the weather forecast wasn’t looking great. It rained heavily while driving from Espoo to Asikkala. As soon as we made the turn to

Porvoo Wedding // A Preview

  17.07.2011   Weddings   12 Comments

I love it when couples want us to be with them from the beginning of their wedding day. Milja’s & Willem’s day at Villa Haikko was spectacular, beautiful and fun