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  26.04.2016   Portraits, Weddings   1 Comment

Her shoes are from the 1940's and her dress from the 1950's. His suit is from the 1960's. Together they looked like a refreshing blast from the past and we

Maternity | Eini & Ville | Odotusajan kuvaus

  1.04.2012   Maternity   19 Comments

It’s been quiet lately. I’ve been taking a break after hectic end (and start) of the year. It’s true that when you own a business, you really don’t have any

Häät | Wedding | Sini & Ari-Pekka | Villa Haikko

  18.02.2012   Weddings   15 Comments

Some weddings are carved deep in my heart forever. This is one of those weddings. My heart grows as it takes in every single moment, love, person, look, touch, smile,

Häät Kulosaaren Casinolla // Johanneksenkirkko

  17.12.2011   Weddings   14 Comments

I can see something white on the ground. Not snow, but sleet. We have hope, it seems. :) Time to blog another wedding. After that it’s time to decorate this