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If there’s one thing I love above all when it comes to photography, it’s pretty light. When you have pretty light, it makes all things so much better, more beautiful, more presentable, lovelier. You will look better and it makes my job easier when I can concentrate on being creative instead of going all technical.

Pretty light is different for different photographers. For me it’s all about those few hours after/during/before sunset and sunrise. But it took me long time to be brave enough to demand good light. To learn to say that if I don’t get pretty light, you won’t get photos that are the most ME possible. That midday during the brightest months of summer is not ideal for portraits. Well, maybe if it’s cloudy, but sometimes even that won’t resolve the problem. After all, there’s a special feeling to sunrises and sunsets. And it’s the feeling that gets me going.

Wedding days don’t always go well with my vision of the pretty light, but as a professional I can also work with situations that aren’t ideal. And that’s the one thing that separates wedding photographers from many other types of photographers. Sometimes you have to spend time photographing in the not-so-ideal light and that teaches you tons. But it really, really, really pays off to set aside 30 minutes in the evening. Not just because for me to take awesome photos of you, but for you to spend a few moments together to reflect what’s been happening. To take a deep breath and to embrace each other, to really realize that you have just started the most awesome adventure of your lives. Together. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it doesn’t make it less true.

Today I remembered this session after a meeting with these two. When the evening light and sunshine was embracing us and we talked about their wedding day yet to come, going through schedules and chatting. I was able to find pretty spots to create photographs at and since the light was pretty, those spots were everywhere. It was time for let inspiration just flow. Thinking back on this day, I’m so happy we got to do this little adventure in the sun. Because when their wedding day arrived, it was nothing like this evening at all. Sun had decided to leave on a vacation and sent a nice summer storm to keep watch. But, I wasn’t complaining then either because there’s the part of me that loves gray and gloomy days too.

Since sunshine was hiding today, here’s some of it in the form of these photographs. ❤

// Johanna

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