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Perjantaihäät Helsingissä // Vanha Kirkko ja Salmisali

I’m spending Friday evening alone while Jouni is at the movies. I’m watching Friends and decided that I want to blog a wedding. Crazy Friday, ehh? Naksu decided to join me and purrs on my lap. My office cat and I.

Sometimes with weddings things don’t go as planned. But when two people are meant to be together, everything that’s meant to happen, will happen. This was the case with Sonja and Sami.

This Friday wedding was in one word… adorable. All the kids, Sonja & Sami. Everything was so cute. Sonja & Sami with their son at the altar and after the ceremony. It was a day full of joy and happiness. Lots of laughter. A few tears. Crazy moves on the dance floor. When the candy buffet opened it was only a matter of seconds before the kids rushed in to get the best candies. They were so fast that even we didn’t get there before them. How can people so small be so fast?

But enough with the words and on with the photos. This is how Sonja & Sami got married.

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  • 10/11/2013, 07:49  Reply

    I can’t decide if I like the black and white or coloured shots more…

  • 12/11/2013, 11:49  Reply

    You’ve done such a beautiful job of capturing some really genuine emotion, well done!

  • 12/11/2013, 16:57  Reply

    So much emotion in your images. It is what I appreciate every time, and this wedding is full of it!

  • 12/11/2013, 17:54  Reply

    You did an absolutely wonderful job! I love your processing but more than that, I love your ability to catch that perfect expression. The portraits are lovely!

  • 12/11/2013, 18:15  Reply

    Gorgeous wedding! I love the image of their exit with the bird! Such great timing!

  • 12/11/2013, 20:25  Reply

    Beautiful wedding. I love that rice-tossing shot plus the pigeon. So good!!

  • 13/11/2013, 00:28  Reply

    The kiss from their son after the ceremony, priceless!

  • 13/11/2013, 11:22  Reply

    I really like the way you handle the light!

  • 13/11/2013, 12:27  Reply

    great candids. nicely done..

  • 13/11/2013, 13:12  Reply

    So many beautiful moments! Such amazing photojournalism!

  • 13/11/2013, 15:41  Reply

    Great job capturing all the emotion in your images!

  • 13/11/2013, 19:44  Reply

    Pure happiness! Great job, these images speak volumes about the day!

  • tim
    14/11/2013, 14:39  Reply

    you caught some amazing moments here. great job

  • 21/11/2013, 22:23  Reply

    Moments captured really beautifully here! Loving those tones.

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