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It’s one of those unforgettable weddings where happens so much you think it’s not even real anymore. Not on the same day at least.


(Spoiler alert!)

..It was.

Not that often you take part in a wedding where smoke sauna almost burns to the ground, someone’s boat almost sinks and a storm rages a good half of the day. Kelsey and Lauri’s wedding in Sahanlahti was something different from all the others I’ve been to. It was such an amazing journey and I couldn’t stop myself from smiling while looking at the photos and through them I could relive the day once again. Oh and there was a cat. Cats make everything better! A cat which could not resist a good time, not even it was thrown out how many times over. Wise little fur ball. One could say this is a cat friendly post and there’s never enough of them.

So here’s one more.

// Jouni


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