Continuing where we left off last time.

We woke up in Tromsø and it was all sunshine. If I could wake up every day and see the view I was seeing that morning, I would be completely and utterly happy. We would absolutely love to be wedding photographers in Tromsø, in these beautiful locations.

Wedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØWedding Photographers in TromsØ0011-Wedding Photographer TromsøTromsøI was drying Jouni’s clothes with a little help from our tent and wind.0013-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0014-Wedding Photographer TromsøWe decided to drive around the city quickly before heading back to Finland.0015-Wedding Photographer TromsøI got to see my dream church, Tromsdalen Church.Wedding Photographers in TromsØ0017-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0018-Wedding Photographer TromsøWedding Photographers in TromsØWe will definitely go back soon to spend more time in this beautiful city.

Wedding Photographers in TromsØ0021-Wedding Photographer TromsøIf I close my eyes, I can still feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face.Wedding Photographer in Norway0023-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0024-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0025-Wedding Photographer TromsøThere as a lot of waiting on our way back.0026-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0027-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0028-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0029-Wedding Photographer TromsøMy favorite mountain was still pretty, bathing in sunshine.0030-Wedding Photographer TromsøAnd this one will end up HUGE on our wall. AHHHHHMAZING.0031-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0032-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0033-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0034-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0035-Wedding Photographer Tromsø0036-Wedding Photographer TromsøWedding Photographer IcelandWedding Photographer Iceland0039-Wedding Photographer TromsøAnd then we were back in Finland. Cloudy, cold Finland. Goodbye mountains, goodbye sunshine. Finland didn’t play its cards right when mountains were up for grabs.0040-Wedding Photographer Lapland0041-Wedding Photographer LaplandWe camped near Pallas. We felt one with nature. We saw a fox and I almost couldn’t sleep because every sound made me think that there was a huge bear coming to eat us.0042-Wedding Photographer LaplandIt was the last night we slept in our tent and also the first night we put it up right. Better late than never, right?0043-Wedding Photographer Lapland0044-Wedding Photographer Lapland0045-Wedding Photographer Lapland0046-Wedding Photographer Lapland0047-Wedding Photographer Lapland0048-Wedding Photographer Lapland0049-Wedding Photographer Lapland0050-Wedding Photographer LaplandI’m missing the simplicity of it all. We had everything we needed with us and nothing more. This was our kitchen.0051-Wedding Photographer Lapland0052-Wedding Photographer Lapland0053-Wedding Photographer Lapland0054-Wedding Photographer Lapland0055-Wedding Photographer Lapland0056-Wedding Photographer LaplandAnd the Man Of The Year award goes to… The lady in Pink!0057-Wedding Photographer Lapland

On our way to Ylläs we saw reindeer. Beautiful little creatures!0058-Wedding Photographer Lapland0059-Wedding Photographer Lapland0060-Wedding Photographer Lapland0061-Wedding Photographer LaplandWe finally got the chance to visit Elämänluukku. It has been featured on a show about Ylläs and ever since seeing it the first time, we wanted to go there.0062-Wedding Photographer Lapland0063-Wedding Photographer Lapland0064-Wedding Photographer LaplandThat pie was DELICIOUS.0065-Wedding Photographer Lapland0066-Wedding Photographer Lapland0067-Wedding Photographer Lapland0068-Wedding Photographer Lapland0069-Wedding Photographer Lapland0070-Wedding Photographer Lapland0071-Wedding Photographer Lapland0072-Wedding Photographer LaplandWe really wanted to see all the leaves in Autumn colors but were a bit late to the party. It was still beautiful, though. Some lovely reds and a lot of yellows.0073-Wedding Photographer Lapland0074-Wedding Photographer Lapland0075-Wedding Photographer LaplandIt was weird seeing Ylläs without snow.0076-Wedding Photographer Lapland0077-Wedding Photographer Lapland0080-Wedding Photographer Lapland

Jouni decided to play a little.0078-Wedding Photographer Lapland0079-Wedding Photographer Lapland0081-Wedding Photographer Lapland0082-Wedding Photographer Lapland0083-Wedding Photographer Lapland0084-Wedding Photographer Lapland0091-Wedding Photographer Lapland

We decided to ride all the way up. It was starting to get dark and we didn’t have the energy to climb to the top ourselves.0085-Wedding Photographer Lapland0086-Wedding Photographer Lapland0087-Wedding Photographer Lapland0088-Wedding Photographer Lapland0089-Wedding Photographer Lapland0090-Wedding Photographer Lapland0092-Wedding Photographer Lapland0093-Wedding Photographer LaplandI had no idea that underneath all the snow we’ve seen when visiting Ylläs is all these tiny rocks. I’ve always kind of thought that it’s more like soft rocks and sand. So much for putting up a huge tent to celebrate our vow renewal in 2015. Will have to come up with a new plan, or possibly ditch the whole idea of this place. We did fell in love with Norway and the mountains…0094-Wedding Photographer Lapland0095-Wedding Photographer Lapland0096-Wedding Photographer Lapland0097-Wedding Photographer Lapland0098-Wedding Photographer Lapland0099-Wedding Photographer Lapland0100-Wedding Photographer LaplandWe splurged a little and booked a hotel room from Ylläs Saaga for the last night. Boy, did it feel awesome to take a hot shower and eat at a real restaurant.0105-Wedding Photographer Lapland0106-Wedding Photographer Lapland0107-Wedding Photographer LaplandI always forget to take a photo of a clean, organized room. So these are from the next morning.0101-Wedding Photographer Lapland0102-Wedding Photographer Lapland0103-Wedding Photographer LaplandThere’s nothing like hotel breakfast.0104-Wedding Photographer LaplandAnd I took some treats to eat while driving back.0108-Wedding Photographer Lapland

So, there it was. Our road trip. I can’t wait to go back, hopefully soon. Norway totally stole our hearts. ♥

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