Porkkala, where our family used to go when I was young and which always took too long to drive on its never ending winding roads. Never thought one day I could go there and take photos, not just for me, but for cool couples. Fortunately we now live farely near Porkkala. Just to hop behind the wheel and to be able to visit the place as often as wanted. The idea of taking portraits of a couple around there have been a small dream for long, especially during sunsets in summer as you basically have a clear view to the sea and sun which, if you’re lucky, will make everything glow in orange and red.

When Jessica and Olli contacted us with the possibility to pick a random location for day after portraits this magical place was right on top of my mind.

Though clouds rolled in pretty quick, I think we did just fine..

// Jouni


Porkkala WeddingPorkkala WeddingPorkkala WeddingPorkkala WeddingPorkkala Wedding


  • riccardo brondolo
    10/06/2018, 00:32  Reply

    for me, a marvelous jump in nordic stimmung, a tender mixage of love and nature, an experience of solitude and strong fllowship tending to love, in the mild and severe atmospher of long days and long night, a magic that only in the North one can meet…

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