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I’m on a blogging mission. There’s so many awesome weddings and sessions we’ve never blogged for one reason or another and so we’re digging through our archives and finally blogging them. In the end all I have is lousy excuses; either some problems with our website has taken away my will to blog anything or doing lots of editing has made me not want to spend any more time on my computer than necessary. Starting is always the hardest part and let this blogging spree be a reminder to us all that nobody is perfect and sometimes you have periods when you just can’t handle everything. But when you have energy, do as much as you can! ;)

This is the story of one weekend we spent in Ostrobothnia area with Jouni and photographed these two and their wedding in Isokyrö. What we love about traveling is a chance to see something different; new places, new traditions, new landscapes. But what always stays the same is the basics. There’s two people in love, merging their lives and then there’s people who are celebrating with them. We loved how every detail was done with a personal touch and how natural and relaxed this reception was.

I used to spend a lot of time nearby, in Vähäkyrö, where my cousins lived. It was awesome to come back (sort of) to my childhood scenery and see everything with new eyes. If somebody had told me when I was young, that I’d be doing photography for a living and coming back in the future to photograph a wedding there, disbelief would have colored my expression.

Here’s a glimpse into a fine summer day and an even finer celebration.

// Johanna

0001-Isokyrö Häät0002-Isokyrö Häät0003-Isokyrö Häät0004-Isokyrö Häät0005-Isokyrö Häät0006-Isokyrö Häät0007-Isokyrö Häät0008-Isokyrö Häät0009-Isokyrö Häät0011-Isokyrö Häät0012-Isokyrö Häät0013-Isokyrö Häät0014-Isokyrö Häät0015-Isokyrö Häät0016-Isokyrö Häät0017-Isokyrö Häät0018-Isokyrö Häät0019-Isokyrö Häät0020-Isokyrö Häät0021-Isokyrö Häät0022-Isokyrö Häät0023-Isokyrö Häät0024-Isokyrö Häät0025-Isokyrö Häät0026-Isokyrö Häät0027-Isokyrö Häät0028-Isokyrö Häät0029-Isokyrö Häät0030-Isokyrö Häät0031-Isokyrö Häät0032-Isokyrö Häät0033-Isokyrö Häät0034-Isokyrö Häät0035-Isokyrö Häät0036-Isokyrö Häät0037-Isokyrö Häät0038-Isokyrö Häät0039-Isokyrö Häät0040-Isokyrö Häät0041-Isokyrö Häät0042-Isokyrö Häät0043-Isokyrö Häät0044-Isokyrö Häät0045-Isokyrö Häät0046-Isokyrö Häät


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