When I started writing this post, I could have sworn that I’ve already blogged these images. I checked and I hadn’t. When it comes to work outside of emailing, editing and delivering photos, I’m not organized enough. With client work I have routines from first email to the point where I deliver images. But with blogging and social media, it doesn’t feel like it’s work so it’s a mess. Even with most of my routines, I have them written on my mind or on post-its laying all around my table. Once I realized this, I started making my routines more organized. I’m still on the mission to find the perfect routine, but Wednesdays are for blogging! :) I hope once I tackle all other fields, I’ll be back to blogging even twice a week. Wish me luck! ;)

Remember Johanna and Timo, and their wedding portraits shot at Suomenlinna island? That session is still among one of my favorites, maybe because we had loads of time to photograph them in the perfect sunset light. On that same week, on Saturday, we drove to Nurmijärvi to photograph their ceremony at Nurmijärvi Church. It was nice to break routines and photograph a different kind of set, on two days. If you’re still searching for a photographer for this summer, we have a few dates open for bigger or smaller sets. Get in touch!

So many times we get asked when a second photographer is needed. From our experience, no wedding requires two photographes (especially when it comes to the size of weddings we have in Finland) but two photographer always brings more versatile photographs because of two visions/angles. Especially ceremonies in churches benefit from two photographers because one can stand at the altar and the other one can take care of rest of the church. When we’re photographing by ourselves, we need to move little bit more and that can lead to photographer not being able to be as invisible as he/she would like to be. We usually recommend two photographers when our couples want memories from both bride’s and groom’s morning preparations and getting ready or when you have more than 90-100 guests. On the other hand we’ve photographed this wedding of about 25 people and it didn’t feel like one of us was too much. With smaller weddings it’s much more harder for guests to hide from two photographers! ;)

Next week you get to peek into one of our first sessions ever because Nani Annette challenged us to critique past work, but now it’s time for Johanna & Timo’s intimate and emotional wedding ceremony. (And yeah, that’s me accidentally stomping on Johanna’s veil when they were exiting the church outside. A megalomaniac mistake for a wedding photographer but it led into one of my favorite images ever!)

// Johanna

Vihkiminen Nurmijärvellä003-Vihkiminen-Nurmijarvi004-Vihkiminen-Nurmijarvi005-Vihkiminen-Nurmijarvi006-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviVihkiminen Nurmijärvellä008-Vihkiminen-Nurmijarvi009-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviVihkiminen NurmijärvelläVihkiminen Nurmijärvellä012-Vihkiminen-Nurmijarvi013-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviVihkiminen NurmijärvelläVihkiminen Nurmijärvellä Nurmijärvi Wedding Ceremony016-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviNurmijärvi Wedding Ceremony018-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviNurmijärvi Wedding CeremonyVihkiminen NurmijärvelläNurmijärvi Wedding CeremonyNurmijärvi Wedding CeremonyVihkiminen NurmijärvelläVihkiminen Nurmijärvellä Nurmijärvi Wedding CeremonyVihkiminen Nurmijärvellä026-Vihkiminen-NurmijarviVihkiminen NurmijärvelläNurmijärvi Wedding Ceremony


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