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Once upon a time I got to shoot this royal wedding… wait. Well that didn’t actually quite happen but you can see how my brain jumps to that conclusion, right? They look like royals. Her dress… I mean, wow! And she made both of her dresses herself and then some more. That’s commitment right there. Hey Look did such a beautiful job with designing this wedding. ❤

This is a wedding I keep coming back to you and maybe I’ve been holding it to myself for a bit… but it’s time to let go and let the world see all the prettiness! From the morning preparations at Heidi’s childhood home to the gorgeous ceremony and their awesome party at Katajanokan Kasino and then some relaxed portrait time in the middle of the night in beautiful Helsinki; I enjoyed this day so much.


Now it’s time to prepare myself for upcoming Easter I’m spending with Sylvi and Selma who is coming to spend time with me and her sister! It will be so awesome. Hope you all have a relaxed Easter and get to enjoy it thoroughly ❤

Helsingin Tuomiokirkko hääthelsinki royal weddingHelsinki Royal Wedding


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