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First, here’s the song to listen.

One of the most awesome moments in my life was standing in the few front rows while Justin was performing this song live at Hartwall Arena last May. Me and my friend Nani booked tickets to see him last year, and when all the best tickets were gone in seconds, we were forced (!!) to buy a random VIP package.

Because if Justin comes to Finland, you HAVE to see the show!

Like Nani said, in the bankruptcy that is called being an entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter if you spend 100€ or 200€ on something.

Money is only money and I’ve always thought that it doesn’t give me any joy to just let it sit on my bank account – although growing up has made me change my spending habits. When I was younger, I spent money on stupid things, like magazines that came with a poster of my favorite band. But where are those magazines now? Long gone, recycled into new magazines. I don’t keep posters of Hanson or Backstreet Boys on my walls anymore (I think Jouni is extremely happy about that!). Now I’d rather spend money on things that last, that give me memories to last a lifetime. Not once have I regretted buying those tickets to see Justin. Or the prints hanging on our walls. Or plane tickets to Iceland.

It gives me so much joy to be able to go back to those moments. It’s impossible for me to put a price tag on memories.

This song also makes me go back to this elopement I shot this Summer. When Miwa and Seiji were looking at each other, I kept hearing this song in my head.
They were like mirrors. Cute mirrors, might I add.

So I’m very thankful to Maria who told Miwa and Seiji about us and I was able to be the one to tell the story of their day.
I love elopements. The intimate feeling to them. Being one of the only people to witness the big day. Everything.
This was one of those days that just were meant to happen. It was supposed to rain with the possibility of 90%. But these two, they were so awesome, not minding that at all. They just saw it as an opportunity to get themselves a cute Marimekko umbrella. I was prepared for cats and dogs raining down on us but what happened? It didn’t rain. A few drops after we left the church, but nothing after that. When Jouni joined us after he was done working, we walked and took photos and walked some more. It was an awesome adventure. Miwa was wearing a real vintage wedding dress and accessories and she looked so classy and beautiful. Together they were like two high school sweethearts. Can’t get cuter than that.

You are the love of my life.

Helsinki Elopement 0001 Helsinki Elopement 0002 Helsinki Elopement 0003 Helsinki Elopement 0004 Helsinki Elopement 0005 Helsinki Elopement 0007 Helsinki Elopement 0008 Helsinki Elopement 0009 Helsinki Elopement 0010 Helsinki Elopement 0011 Helsinki Elopement 0012 Helsinki Elopement 0013 Helsinki Elopement 0014 Helsinki Elopement 0015 Helsinki Elopement 0016 Helsinki Elopement 0017 Helsinki Elopement 0018 Helsinki Elopement 0019 Helsinki Elopement 0020 Helsinki Elopement 0021 Helsinki Elopement 0022 Helsinki Elopement 0023 Helsinki Elopement 0024 Helsinki Elopement 0026 Helsinki Elopement 0027 Helsinki Elopement 0028


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