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I see everything through a lens. When I see something new, I always think of a photo I would take of it. Even when I don’t have my camera with me, I see the end result in my head.

When I’m on a bus or in a car and I see some location I like, I always want to stop the bus or car, grab my camera, take a few lovely people with me and take photos.

These are some of the locations I’ve seen when I’ve been on my way to work.


Just a couple of days before their wedding day, Mari & Sasha were willing to wander around Espoo with us.

One of my favorite engagement sessions ever. Come to think of it, I think every engagement session is my favorite. Each in a different way. Because all of the couples are unique and every love story is special.

Wait until you see their wedding. It will be on the blog tomorrow.


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