First of all I’d like to warn you; this post is a LONG ONE. When a day is as diverse as this one was, it’s completely impossible to tell the story of it with just a few photos. And I’ve finally learned to blog in a way that I truly want. Before I tried to think about what people like to see but in the end, I need to show the images I want to show. Not the ones I think people want to see. If it means there’s going to be ten of them, that’s fine. If it means that there will be hundreds of them, that’s fine too. 2016 was the final push in showing me that the way I see the world is not for everyone. And when you learn that, it frees you to do what you love to do.

You can plan a wedding to a certain point. But when we face nature, there’s nothing we can do. When one day brings you clouds, sunshine, rain, thunder, rainbow and an awesome sunset, you basically got it all (although it’s quite possible to get some snow during summer too!). The atmosphere changed with the weather and there was laughter and tears. Not because of the weather, but because that’s what happens when you insert bunch of awesome people inside a tent. Satu & Jani were defying the forecasts and in the end it all played out well. The ceremony was held and sunshine came to help. While people were dancing and having fun, rain kept a distance. It only rained when it didn’t even matter. And even if it rains throughout your wedding day, you will always get married.

The more weddings we photograph, the more we believe in taking portraits on a different day. When you plan portraits for a different day, schedules won’t take time from the session. I love taking portraits, but unfortunately it’s usually the portrait time that suffers from it. And it’s totally understandable; weddings are not about portraits. Satu & Jani were brave and decided to travel with us to Koli for their portrait session about a month and a half after their wedding. I only took a couple of portraits during the actual wedding day, just so that they could have awesome photos of their wedding look as well. Our trip to Koli is another story and it will be told on another day. <3

But now, grab a cup of tea, put the music on and travel to Ikaalinen.


// Johanna

Music: Conjure One – The Garden


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