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Wedding photography is a hard brand although I admit; it might not look like it. Wedding photographer needs to have tolerance for pressure, an ability to make circumspect decisions (and make fast decisions!) and it makes life easier, if you’re in a great physical shape. But most of all, wedding photographer needs to have an ability to be in the moment emotionally. If that’s missing, all photos will end up being just that. Just photos. That’s why I try my hardest every single time to do just that. Be there, giving 100% of myself. Maybe that’s why I so often find myself battling with doubt. Have I got what it takes to be a wedding photographer? Am I even good enough? It’s impossible to make all these feelings go away but that is the thing that keeps me try harder and makes me want this even more. And when you come home from a wedding and start going through all those photos you took and end up saying “Hey, did I really take this photo? It’s AMAZING!”… Everything seems worth it.

Being in the moment also means not settling for that one photo you took. Even though it might make you go crazy when you’re culling SO MANY photos. But as professionals we owe that to our clients. We owe them the best expression. The best moment. Not the moment before or after it. But as professionals we also need to be able to admit that sometimes we’re not able to get that one million dollar shot of every single moment. Sometimes even the best ideas won’t work. We aren’t able to reinvent the wheel every time, but as long as the wheel works, it’s OK.

When I posted first sneak peeks from this wedding on Facebook I wrote:

This weekend started on the rocks of Uunisaari on Friday where Noora & Arotin had one of the most heartwarming ceremonies I’ve ever witnessed. The moment touched every corner of my heart and soul. Like said later during one of the speeches, it wasn’t the wind we felt on the rocks, it was the Holy Spirit blessing us all. ♥

That photo I’m talking about is one of those photos that made me go WOW. It’s still one of my all time favorites.

The fact that Arotin’s Father blessed their marriage made the moment even more special. The whole day was full of many awesome moments; lovely speeches, prayers, songs, hugs, smiles, laughter. This wedding got to me. It crawled under my skin and made my doubts weaken.

This wedding made me realize once again that I’m enough as I am.

And that is something I’m forever grateful of. ♥

// Johanna


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  • 19/06/2016, 16:35  Reply

    “This wedding made me realize once again that I’m enough as I am.

    And that is something I’m forever grateful of. ♥”

    So moved by your writing! :)

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