On the highest point of Koli THE HIETANEN EXPERIENCE was born.

In fact it was born years earlier but arriving to Koli made it reality. The idea of venturing into the world of adventure wedding photography waited a long time for these two, who are willing to pack their camping equipment and withe their wedding attire, jump to our car’s backseat and without knowing what’s to come, still have an open mind to try it out. It’s true that we could have technically made this shoot into a reality earlier, but it was so important to me to make it happen like I envisioned it in my heart. After two someones got married and after I had been photographing the wedding of those said someones. I can be quite pigheaded when I made up my mind. ;) You can check out their wedding day story HERE and their freely translated testimonial when you scroll down.

Wedding days with usually tight schedules don’t necessarily go well together with the way we have envisioned our adventure time for portraits. And really, that’s how it should be; weddings are about spending time with the people you have invited as a part of your day. Longer adventures are something that can wait until after the wedding, when you don’t need to worry so much about guests having to wait for you while we’re taking portraits, your dress or suit getting dirty before ceremony starts or will the schedule go off if we take some time for portraits during the prettiest light around sunset. Full day wedding photography collections make it easier to take time for portraits, but there’s still the same 24 hours in every day.

In my mind I had a vision of a sunny Koli. I had a vision of a beautiful sunset and a beautiful sunrise, maybe a starry horizon. But instead of all these things Koli gave us a horizon that was covered in mist so that you couldn’t see all those national landscapes we had only seen in photos. But how amazingly beautiful and magical Koli still was! It felt like we were dropped into a fairy tale location. Into an enchanted forest with hills and all that. Rain stopped somewhere during the evening and after we were finished with the shoot, we went back to a beautiful spot we had found for our tents and sat by the campfire, staying warm and trying to catch the stars that were showing themselves behind the clouds. All in all it was a magical trip.

This experience will stay in our hearts forever and we encourage you to think about the option of taking your wedding portraits after the wedding, spiced with an experience in the nature. ❤

// Johanna


“Johanna was the perfect choice for capturing our late summer outdoor wedding. Normally we aren’t at all photogenic, but Johanna managed to get amazing portraits of us and to capture the whole wedding day just as it was – all the wonderful moments and the mood of the wedding day. Johanna is a very lovely person and it felt natural to spend time with her. Everything was crowned with an adventure weekend at Koli with Johanna and Jouni, where we took our official wedding portraits, at one with nature and in the most stunning setting, fall colours surrounding us and combined it with a camping trip. We wholeheartedly recommend taking wedding portraits after the wedding day; you will have more time to celebrate on your wedding day and there will be more freedom and creativity with wedding portraits – at least with Johanna and Jouni!

Now we have beautiful prints to remember our day, and we can say that it really paid off to invest in a good photographer. Thousands of thank yous to you both!”

When you book a wedding collection with 9 hours or more coverage time, you will get THE HIETANEN EXPERIENCE session as complimentary add-on. Valid for a limited time. THE session is also available for booking without wedding collection and is perfect for anniversary sessions or more adventurous couple sessions.

Adventure Wedding PhotographyAdventure Wedding PhotographyAdventure Wedding Photography


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