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A while ago Facebook changed.

Before the change you could see everything from everyone. You could be sure that when you liked a page, the updates made by that page showed up in your News Feed.

But not anymore. The funny thing is that I can’t even see anything that Jouni is posting and he is my husband. I’ve liked tens (hundreds?) of pages and I can’t see a single thing from majority of them without adding them to lists. I keep seeing a lot of stuff I don’t want to see because other people have liked them = the more likes, the more audience you get.

We’ve been trying to keep up with Facebook’s algorithms. We’ve payed to get our updates shown. We’ve tried to post less, tried to post more. Nothing seems to help – the only way to get a decent audience is to tag people so that the friends of those people will see it and then it goes viral. Or pay up. But really – we don’t have 8 euros to spend every time we post a photo, status update or a link. Most of all, we don’t want to give Facebook that much power over our business.

So we’re putting an end to this thing. We’re not going to ponder for hours over which image to show that maybe gets us more likes. We’re not going to pay up anymore. We’re just going to show you the images we love, telling how our day went and other silly things. Stuff that comes straight from our hearts, not our heads. Maybe we will advertise the page at some point, who knows. Never say never.

Owning a small business is sometimes hard with limited resources, but we’d rather spend our money on things that matter – our clients, educating ourselves, making our website better, equipment, packaging. Things like that.

We appreciate every single like, share and comment. More than appreciate – LOVE you for them! It means support to us.

There’s over 500 likers, but usually only 100 or so see the posts we make. To keep on seeing them, our audience needs to interact with us (likes, shares and comments). If you haven’t seen anything from us in a while, you can also add us to interest list.

If you haven’t liked us on Facebook, you can find us HERE.

But now, back to real life. Discovering things. Exploring the world.Facebook - Lapsikuvaus


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