Sometimes things happen. For me it was facing struggles in my personal life and with my mental health, and so I took a step back. I haven’t blogged in a while but I’m back now, starting with 2019 review. There is a 2018 version coming too, but since it was my hardest year so far, I still need a little bit of time before I’m ready to reflect on what that year meant to me.

2019 was hard but in many ways my best year. It was the year of healing and a year of love. It brought me the love of my life (for real this time lol), restored my faith in love and God and even if I still have wounds from the past, they’re more like scars now. There to remind me that all that glitters isn’t gold… but when you believe, you will see the sunshine after rain.

There hasn’t been a year that hasn’t made me grown as a photographer and even though my learning curve isn’t that huge, 2019 showed me who I really am, what I enjoy and most of all it made me trust my own wings. I traveled across Finland and documented so many amazing wedding days and adventures after weddings. I met clients who welcomed me with open arms, challenged me to be the best I can be and who I connected with. There was a ceremony on a tram in Helsinki, many weddings on islands around Helsinki (Suomenlinna, Lonna, Liuskasaari), a backyard wedding, and in general water and travel was the theme for 2019. Cannot wait to blog more from last year :)

I took a leap of Faith and took a trip to see an American guy I met on Instagram. Even if my previous long distance relationship wasn’t that pretty, there was something about this person that made me believe things could be different. When he walked towards me at the airport, something just clicked and I knew this was it. The way he walked, the way he hugged me. Everything was just natural and in that moment I knew I loved him. I probably knew that even before we met, but because of my experiences I was trying to downplay my feelings so that I wouldn’t get hurt again. I truly believe God sent him in my life. It’s just… something I cannot explain. I know it’s cheesy but he is my other half. I know I’m a complete person on my own but he adds to everything just by being who he is. Not a day has gone by that we haven’t talked on video, not a day has gone by we haven’t said “I love you”. Right now I’m sitting on his bed making this blog post and it’s our 8 month anniversary today. Next week I have to go home and it’s breaking my heart already, but I know we’ll be okay. Always and forever. And even after that.

I’m capable of so many things and 2019 showed me I’m stronger than I thought I was. Thank you and welcome 2020 :)

2020 is a big year for me since I’ve had this business of mine since January 2010. There are still many dates available for this year; for weddings, engagements, elopements, adventure sessions, family sessions etc. so please contact me if you’re still looking for an awesome photographer <3

Here’s my 2019 as slideshow and photos :)


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