“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy – I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.”


Wedding photographer is never the sum of their photos and the price you pay for their work. The most important thing when looking for the perfect wedding photographer for you is finding a person who you feel most comfortable with and can even see spending time outside of your wedding day. Because let’s face it, you wouldn’t invite a total stranger as your guest either! Wedding photographers have HUGE responsibility and only one opportunity to nail it. From this address you’ll find 10 years of experience, ability to read people, emotional intelligence, bunch of passion towards photographing weddings and on top of all of that you’ll get someone who is easy to get along with. You’ll find a person who won’t hide in corners and comes close. A person, who will help you with emergencies by finding a needle and some thread and fix your wedding dress. A person who will live in the moment and probably gets teary eyed multiple times. A person who will take you to crazy adventures and you’ll probably look at me and think I’m crazy, but then you’ll see the photos and be like “damn, now I understand!”. ❤ You’ll find reviews on Facebook (mostly in Finnish, so be prepared to use a translator!).

”Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.”


I love adventures near and far. Sometimes ordinary life is the best there is. I love relaxed people, genuine emotions and moments. It’s not always possible to go and chase mountains, waterfalls and breathtaking views although I’m more than happy to chase after them with you! When you have an adventure in your mind, no matter if it’s a lifestyle session at your home or a big adventure somewhere far away, only sky is the limit for me and my camera. ❤