I have a HUGE favor to ask. Agnetha and Jussi are a part of a competition where they can win a Ticket To Paradise = second honeymoon. But since they haven’t even been on the first honeymoon yet, I think they really deserve to win. Please, help by voting. I’m fighting for them to win!! :)

Go to http://www.tahdoimme.fi/balloons-sweets-ht-raumassa/ and vote by either commenting, liking, tweeting, +1 or pinning. Retweets don’t count or re-pins, just the original ones through the site.

While you’re on the site, look around. It’s a brand new wedding inspiration site and it rocks. :)

Also – a while back we launched Sanotahdon.fi – it’s a wedding site from the wedding photographer’s point of view. Check it out too!

Love you for helping them out, thank you!!