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While Johanna was in Germany I had my very first full day wedding to shoot by myself. The idea of shooting on my own wasn’t such a scary thought, but


Life has truly blessed me in the “meeting awesome people and seeing magical places” department. Last July I found myself sitting on a plane all by myself, on my way


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So we’ve been a kind of quiet lately. Revamping our website has been another huge process that started out with the dangerous sentence “I’m just going to do little changes…”.


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When we’re at home, it’s usually Selma who wants to go outside to the balcony when it’s cold and chilly. There she sits patiently, sniffing the air, watching birds flying


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“I love your feet because they have wandered over the earth and through the wind and water until they brought you to me.”Pablo Neruda


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While we are working on some changes on our website, here’s the last part from our trip to Iceland in May 2014. On the last day of our trip we


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It was a perfect way to end our wedding season. It never gets old hearing “I Do”. The same goes for elegance. Although I’m not that sure we looked that elegant


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The best decisions are made with heart. It was 10 years ago when our knees were shaking more or less, standing side by side at Vantaa magistrate and saying one


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Right now I just want to tell you that I FREAKING LOVE this song, and it’s probably my favorite one from 2014. Can’t believe I found it 1,5 years after its release!!

A Wish For A New Year

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In 2015 I wish to… … appreciate the little things in life even more than I do now … get more experiences, not more stuff … have just enough to

2014 Review // Wedding Favorites

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It was a year of growth, loss, success, mistakes and right decisions. It was a year of dreams coming true. 2014 was another “best year ever”. Thank you for being

Favorite HIMYM Quote

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“The great moments of your life won’t necessarily be the things you do. They’ll also be the things that happen to you. Now, I’m not saying you can’t take action

Winter Wonderland // Jämsä

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Remember when I told you all I wanted for Christmas was snow? Well, I got it ♥

Lapland Travels // Ylläs

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Last March, after we lost our beloved cat Naksu, we traveled to the comforting peace of Ylläs with our friends. A week full of adventures in the snow and crazy

Must-See Christmas Movies

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Last year I listed my favorite Christmas music and this year it’s time for my favorite Christmas movies and shows. There’s a few of them I can’t live without and if

Kihlakuvaus Kalliossa // R + J

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Silloin on ollut hyvä lauantai kun on tavannut kaksi uutta ihanaa ihmistä, nauranut paljon kaakaokupillisen ääressä kotoisassa kahvilassa, pistänyt viimeinkin jouluvalot parvekkeelle hytisevässä viimassa, katsonut monta jaksoa How I Met

Odotusajan parikuvaus // M + S

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Today I’m thankful for hot summer days and that one loud thunder storm that brought a fog with it and made this shoot one of my favorite ones. Sometimes you

Paljon se ottaa, enemmän se antaa

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Kiihdyn nollasta sataan alta aikayksikön. Suutun, lepyn sitäkin nopeammin. Saatan nauraa yhtenä hetkenä, itkeä toisena. Ajattelen joskus niin nopeasti, ettei suu ja sanat pysy perässä (onneksi olkoon niille, jotka yrittävät

Case of the Mondays

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Sometimes this is exactly how Mondays feel.

Villa Kaislikko Wedding // M + L

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Under the hot July sun, two people began their lifelong journey together. I’m having troubles writing anything because it was such a perfect day. We found a new church to

Sunrise engagement session at sea // E + T

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Sometimes you need to wake up really early to catch some awesome. A sunrise A Day In Your Life session in the Finnish archipelago.

Rakkaus on jokaisen oikeus

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Olen ollut kamalan tiukkis nuorempana. Kaikki on ollut mustavalkoista ja pelkkiä ääripäitä eikä harmaata keskimaastoa ollut näkyvissä missään. Ehkä aikuiseksi kasvaminen onkin sitä, että oppii näkemään ettei mikään ole niin

Lumikävely // Sylvi ja Selma

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Tää marraskuu on ollut niin pitkä ja harmaa. Kun perjantaina ikkunan takaa näkyi hiljaa alas putoilevia isoja lumihiutaleita, tuntui kuin joulu olisi tullut kuukauden etuajassa. LUNTA! Lauantaina otettiin kissat kainaloon

Icelandic Folklore in Snaefellsnes Peninsula

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When I say Iceland is magical, it’s not just because of the landscapes. It’s a place where it seems quite possible to be surrounded by magical creatures like fairies, elves,